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Hello! How are you?

I am Ani Kaprekar, professional life coach and mentor. I bring over a quarter of a century of leadership, business and spiritual experience to the world of life coaching and mentoring.

I have a zest for life and I am passionate about people. As a coach and mentor, I can empower you to become successful, personally and professionally.

My leadership, inspiration and guidance are grounded in the real world. I have worked with global, multi-functional and culturally-diverse organisations in leadership roles.

My strength is my ability to understand and connect with people. I paint and communicate vision with clarity, passion and energy to engage and motivate others. Complementing my business acumen and insight are more spiritual passions and talents, embracing both my native and local cultures.

With my background as a coach and change-driver, I am on a journey to explore your potential and will ensure the path is mutually exciting, enriching and effective.

I live in Manchester with my wife Beth, Arthur & Gwinny the cats, Promise the horse and a colony of rabbits.

Ani Kaprekar

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Registered in England & Wales No 8662392.
M O B I L E   O P T I M I S E D